• When the photographer is being photograph

    Because I am a photographer I understand the importance of putting myself, with my family, in front of the camera. So last year I hired an amazing Dutch photographer Susan, to photograph one day in my life. My family is quite small, not having [...]

  • How important are the childhood games?

    If I say "childhood games" what’s the first thing that comes to you mind? Do you remember what games you played when you were little? What was that got your imagination flying? Did you create a world of dolls with you as their supreme [...]


    Documentary Family Photography “A Day In the Life”

    At the end of 2019 I could say that I understood how and why I specialized in Family Documentary Photography. Just like any other kid, growing up I too have harassed my parents with a thousand "whys" followed by just as many "hows". It wasn't [...]

The life of your family in pictures, just as it is: tender, messy, unique.


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