Fotografia documentaria di famiglia La madre sta cercando di impedire alla figlia di farsi del male


Let’s start the year with a “fun fact” about me: I am extremely slow to deliver my works.

I specify in the contract that it takes up to 12 weeks for me to deliver my work and customers who don’t know me are always amazed.

Fotografia documentaria di famiglia La madre accareza il padre mentre sono a tavola


More than once I have been asked “why does it take so long?”.

There are five main reasons for my so-called slowness and they are technical, emotional and logistical reasons.

Fotografia documentaria di famiglia Un abbraccio rubato tra madre e figlio

1. I like to hear “OHHHH, I forgot that… ..”.

This is the main reason. The idea that my photography can bring back memories you thought you had lost is my greatest joy.

Fotografia documentaria di famiglia

2. Photography is not an automatic job done by the machine.

After each session I look at my calendar it is fixed at least two days without other work distractions to look, choose and edit the photos.

Sometimes sessions are so intense that it takes more than two days to be able to look at all the photos.

And you can be sure that I look at them all, one by one.

Fotografia documentaria di famiglia la madre consola la figlia mentere è sul vasino

3. I’m quite finicky.

After selecting the photos, I let some more time pass before reviewing all the finished work.

Because cold, I manage to delete some photos that may be redundant in the story.

Fotografia documentaria di famiglia la madre ad i figli vanno a scuola

4. The eternal search.

After all this time I go in search of the perfect song that can best accompany the feeling of the photographs and their mood.

Here the story is taking shape.

Fotografia documentaria di famiglia il padre fa fare un tufo in mare alla figlia

5. Maternity.

This may seem like a twist, but every documentary photography session is like my daughter, whom I raised, nurtured and educated to bring about a change in someone’s life, to share love.

And like all parents I am always afraid that their children are not ready to be alone on their own legs in the world. We would like to protect them forever.

Fotografia documentaria di famiglia la madre cosola il figlio che piange

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