Chiara Battistini

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Chiara Battistini Casa Vallona raccogliendo lavanda

1. Have you ever thought that women can’t be inspirational?
No, on the contrary, I have always looked for “out of the box” women even when I was studying at school, women who would inspire me and act as models.

2. What biases (preconceptions) did you face?

A woman alone is unthinkable to manage an entire farm but they have never interfered with my determination.
3. Have you ever taken risks?

Absolutely yes, but with the peace of mind of having a place that, even if the company had gone badly, could be of real estate value for any rentals or personal residence. So keeping a plan B in my pocket.
4. What obstacles did you face to get to where you are now?

Many, the bureaucracy is the biggest. At times it seemed to me that at every momentum there was, on the part of the bodies in charge, an “MA” as big as a mountain. The other problem in Italy is financing, without a family behind it, it is practically impossible to apply for loans.

5. If your life were a book, what would it be called?
“And the garden created man: A rebellious and sentimental manifesto for gardening philosophers”. But I would change the beginning … “and the garden created the Woman”, a beautiful little book by Jorn de Precy, a precious witness to the results of the industrialization of the end of the 19th century that overwhelmed men and places. In this sense, he is a radical critic of a society surrendered to the tyranny of progress. To resist between places made anonymous, inert, deserts of every spirituality, of soul, all that remains is the garden; ultimate refuge in an attempt to restore a harmonious relationship, a true dialogue between man and nature. When it too is not reduced to a commodity and a showcase, it is a place of resistance, even of unconscious dissent. The gardener-poet-in-practice at de Précy moves under the banner of respect for the place, the genius who lives there; he cultivates its mystery to the point of becoming the guardian of a “planetary garden”, a very topical theme even and above all on the threshold of 2022.