I’ve left Bucharest for Venice … for a dream. I was thinking about my future, I was planning, somehow, a career. I was so proud of myself! I was standing on my own 2 feet not even thinking that if I was doing that it was thanks to the education my parents gave me.

Than I’ve left Venice for Modena … for love. “What a setback” I thought.  My parents taught me that love makes you do stupid things. And even though I knew it was stupid I did it anyway, because I was in love.

Fast forward 17 years I’m still in love and … I have the most amazing career. 

And even if my job is completely different than what I thought I wanted to do, even though I still miss Venice, I know that I’ve done the right thing and made the right choices.

Piazza San Marco, Venezia, completamente deserta

Last week we’ve went back there, were my adult life started, there were I fall in love, there where everything changed. 

We’ve kept it simple: 2 analog camera (one as old as I am and another that’s almost 20 years older than Filippo) and lots of Kodak TRI-X 400 film.

La dolce vita a Venezia
Kodak T-Max 400

We forget how much we change during our lifetime. And we haven’t started to realize how the pandemic changed us. And I would like to say that I found Venice to be the same as always but even She changed. 

The canals were almost clean and we’ve seen fishes (for the first time). [Not dolphins, that just bullshit.] But what left me speechless were the streets! “Le calle” where a river of people used to force you move in one direction only, they were almost empty. 

I’ve lived there for 3 years and this was the first time I was able to notice different buildings, different paths, different points of view.

Alba a Venezia

I still have goosebumps thinking about it.

Piazza San Marco, Venezia