I got into photography because I wanted to leave something behind. I wanted to make sure future generations had a pool of printed images that would take them back in time and be with their parents when they were young, when life was easy. And that is part of why I am a documentary family photographer. 

As a documentary family photographer I also want to make sure the future generations have an easier life than me and women like me. 

You don’t even have to check out statistics to see how women are taken for granted, underpaid and overseen. All over the world, not just in Italy.

So I started a photography project meant to be an ode to the woman that surrounds me and at the same time a groundbreaker for the future generations. 

On March 8th I celebrated International women’s day doing a fundraising event with a small preview of this project.

The recipient of the fundraising exposition is the Association for the Integration of Women (AIW) is a Modena based association dedicated to providing resources for women to establish roots and flourish. AIW, led by Caroline Capporossi, is training migrant women  for good jobs in the hospitality industry around Madonna.

The event helped raise almost a thousand euros that will support the project Roots and I couldn’t be prouder and happier of the amazing response the community gave to this event.

A special thanks goes also to IWA Modena and all their volunteers for making this event possible.

If you want to read the speech I gave at the opening of the exhibition, you can find it here.