Sunday started just like any other day. I was getting ready to sit down in front of the computer to download the photos from the day before, and send a sneak peek to the family I had photographed.

I love my computer because it’s a little bit like me in the morning, it likes to start slowly. Knowing this I just let it do it’s thing and I usually go make myself another cup of coffee. It was still super early, for a Sunday morning, so I took it extra slowly almost dragging my feet to the “kitchen” area. 

I like my Moka coffee mostly because I love the entire process that leads up to the that hot cup of coffee I can hold with by both hands. It’s a process that starts with the smell of fresh grounded coffee. I just let the aroma fill the room, saturate the environment make me anticipate the taste in my mouth.

Ma.Ni. Photo Studio album fotografico di famiglia

Moka coffee it’s like art, it takes skill and time to make it perfect for you. You need the right amount of water, the right amount of coffee and most important you need to let your hands do the work, they have years and years of practice.

Put the Moka on the stove and give it the time to work it’s magic. 

Sfogliare un album fotografico di famiglia è sempre emozionante

This is why most people don’t like the Moka, because it takes time, too much time. But for me this is a way of prolonging the pleasure of the coffee. You just let yourself indulge in some quiet time. You think of what happened the day before or the dreams you had during the night. It’s only 5 minutes, but it’s enough to make you start the day better. 

Now, with the hot cup of coffee in my hand I headed back to the desk to see that the screen was still black. Hmmm maybe I didn’t press hard enough the Start button. So I did it again, giving it an extra 5 seconds, just to be sure.

Ma.Ni. Photo Studio stampe fineart di altissima qualità in ogni dettaglio

But still, nothing happens. I start to panic. I can feel the fear grasping my stomach and holding it tight. I look around at my desk, overflowing with notes and random stuff not really knowing what I was looking for. I move around the office and out of habit I switch on the light … yeah… like that will help. 

Yet again, nothing happened!

And then I remembered! There was a written notice that the power company was going to shut down the power for a couple of hours on Sunday morning. 

Ma.Ni. Photo Studio le rifiniture degli album sono sempre di qualità

And just like I could breathe again – all my photos were safe.

But the fear of something happening to my computer, where all my work and part of my life is, made me realise how important it is to actually print the photos we take.

Ma.Ni. Photo Studio album di famiglia e memory box il regalo perfetto per i tuoi figli

How can you be sure that computers will work forever?

How can you be sure the hard-drive won’t burnout?

How can you be sure you can access your cloud if there’s some kind of power shortage?

By having your photos printed in an album or as wall-art or even as small prints in a box, your memories, your legacy to your kids will be always at arm’s reach. Forever and ever.

Un album fotografico di famiglia non è fatto per essere dimenticato ma per essere sfogliato

Doesn’t this sound comforting?