Now Offering Documentary Travel and Vacation Photography

Italy is the trip of a lifetime. Let’s preserve your memories with more than just snapshots. I’m now offering personalized documentary, reportage-style family travel and vacation services.


Love is in the air with Venice travel photography

As you explore and enjoy the history, beauty, and food of Rome, Florence, and Venice, leave the selfie-sticks at home. Bringing along an award-winning professional photographer to accompany you, capturing your true awe of this magical country.

Doesn’t matter if it’s you alone, your family, your partner, your friends, give yourself the gift of a personal vacation photographer who will capture the fun of getting you lost in Venice, your reaction to seeing Trevi Fountain, the way your face looked when you experienced the best food on the planet.

Venire Vacation Photographer by night

Why Choose Documentary Family and Travel Photography?

Imagine being able to see yourself and your loved ones the way the world witnesses you? As if a magazine article was being written about your life and this trip. That experience isn’t exclusively for journalistic purposes anymore. Photographers like me are tagging along, being embedded like a fly on the wall, while you get to fully enjoy the moment.

Leave your camera at home. Leave the cheesy smiles, too. Let’s document exactly how you feel as you experience the magic of Italy.

Venice Vacation photographer


Being a photographer myself, I’m very picky when it comes to hiring someone to photograph my family, and Lavinia exceeded all of my expectations. She spent a whole day with us and captured our family as we truly are, she melted in and she even managed to make my grumpy teenager feel at ease (which is no easy task). She is more than a photographer, she’s passionate about her work and a wonderful human being who brings harmony and joy wherever she is. And her work is outstanding.


Lavinia is truly a gem in this world. I had never done this type of photo session, nor had I met her prior to her coming to our house (we were connected through a mutual friend), so to say I was nervous was an understatement. As soon as introduced herself and walked into our house I was instantly at ease. Her energy is so bright, calming, confident, authentic and joyful. She blended into our day so seamlessly, and with each shutter of her camera she was able to capture such a special time in my family’s life. She captured a feeling; memories; the essence of us. She is one of a kind. If you have the chance to work with her, you are so lucky and you should jump at the chance to do so!


We had never taken part in a photo-session before and was a bit worried if we would be able to relax and act natural. But as soon as we met Lavinia with all her warmth and kindness all concerns disappeared. Lavinia helped us to see the passing moments in life of belonging, sharing and joy that exist in our everyday life but that we most of the time don’t stop to see or make conscious. Lavinia’s pictures we’ll be a memory for life but also a reminder of that the biggest things in life are the smallest of moments passing us by so easily. We are so happy that Lavinia captured some of those moments in her pictures for us to keep.


Your Personal Venice Vacation Photographer

Hello! I’m Lavinia. Based not far away from Venice, I’m an international award-winning photographer with five years of experience in Family Documentary and Reportage. My photos have been published in Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Lens Culture.

See you soon! Ciao!


  • Be the hero of your own private photo session in Venice

  • Get a unique photo-book of your vacation or travels

  • 100% your story

  • 100% guarantee NO cheesy smiles or poses

  • Profit from the experience of a fluent English Photographer with local knowledge


  • Wear comfortable clothes and practical footwear for walking

  • Book any admission tickets in advance

  • Always count another person (the photographer) in your travel plan for the day (taxi, trains, restaurant, etc)


  • Your own personal Venice Vacation photographer

  • Professionally edited photos

  • Access to an online gallery where you can download and share your photos your friends and family


  • Food and drinks

  • Travel costs

  • Any admission fees (if applicable

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