This is where you choose the photo story which fits your family.

Inside each reportage, you’ll find a gallery with my favorite shots and, when available, the featured slideshow.

Spoiler alert: no stress or retouching.

No lifestyle, just pure life — like the school run, the yawning and stretching awakenings, the race to catch a train, the first birthday, the first minute of life. Because some days never seem to pass while years speed by.

Ah, and no posing for the camera. I, for one, don’t know how to do that, like babies. And when I need to do it, I barely recognize myself in the picture. 🙂

So, ready? Here’s how we work it out.

  1. We meet and introduce ourselves. I listen. You tell me what full and unpredictable moments I’m going to share with your family and we agree on the whens and wheres.
  2. Enough talking, let’s get started! I and my trusty camera spend time with you, there’s nothing you need to prepare. I come to you, wherever you feel free and light (because it’s difficult to behave naturally in artificial contexts). My camera and I are a discreet and cheerful presence – sometimes interacting, but mostly keeping our distance to keep you at ease. If we’re together more than a day I only need a mattress to sleep on – no frills necessary!
  3. We say goodbye (for now, at least). I work on the session and deliver the photos* in pixels and/or on paper within ….. weeks..

*I do care about the way you’ll look at the pictures or browse through them. For a poster, an album or other printed products, let MaNi Photostudio work it out and include our quality service in your package. The value of a beautiful print, just like emotion, grows an infinite amount over the years.

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Alternatively, write to me now: let’s catch up and talk over coffee.