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Charity Dago was born in Carpi (MO), and soon falls in love with fabrics and the combination of clothes. She studies communication & marketing and subsequently deepens styling and image consultancy.
She worked in the fashion world before creating an agency that could combine her skills and the desire to bring about real professional and social change. Wariboko is the first management agency in Italy that represents Afro-descendant artists and talents.
The revolution has just begun.

1. Have you ever thought that women can’t be inspirational?
I have never thought that women cannot be inspirational. This is the era of awareness. Female empowerment and the gender gap are very important issues. The role of women in society is now being re-evaluated and women are proud to follow their dreams and goals, inspiring other women to do the same.

2. What biases (preconceptions) did you face?
I have had to face and continue to face the prejudices related to the color of my skin, being a woman and the country of origin of my parents. In the past I tried to look my best to silence those prejudices, today these prejudices are my strength and do not hurt me anymore.

3. Have you ever taken risks?
I take the risk every day of wearing a black body in a society that is primarily white body friendly. I took the risk of doing business in a country that has a very high level of bureaucracy. I created an agency that represents a minority, with the risk of being pointed out and wanting to self-designate the community. Risk is part of my life, sometimes even unintentionally.

4. What obstacles did you face to get to where you are now?
The biggest obstacle I had to face was the obstacle to myself. Years ago I did not believe that I could make a dream come true and that through this dream I could help other people to believe in their dream. It is like a spinning wheel, a virtuous circle. Inspire creates a spiral of inspiration. The fact of believing that we can do it and continue to persevere along this line can break down all the obstacles that arise before us.

5. If your life were a book, what would it be called?
It is perfect to be imperfect.