Abra Degli Esposti

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ABRA Degli Esposti e la forza dell'artista
  1. Have you ever thought that women can’t be inspirational?

Quite the contrary. I find that many women have given great and small inspirations. Starting with my ancestors, my great-grandmothers, then some sisters or friends with soul sisters met in this life, and then women from other eras who continue to inspire us as travel companions who show us a little way.

2. What biases (preconceptions) did you face?

Regarding my art, for example, which involves a male profession, although I am not a welder but a sculptor, many male comments always come as someone who knows more about the subject, to whom I would have nothing to teach. As if it were a challenge. And even those who admire my sculptures, always from the male side, I often feel observed to see if I can really do it.

3. Have you ever taken risks?

There was a time when I took the risk of living my life. I changed, the place where I lived, the lifestyle, friendships and way of working. That is, I quit my job and decided to work as an artist on my own and I went to live on the hills in nature alone. This is a risk that I continue to take now with a partner and daughter who give me so much love, energy and … more work!

4. What obstacles did you face to get to where you are now?

The main obstacles that I had to dismantle were those schemes I wanted to get out of and which I still carried with me. Mental patterns absorbed by society that did not belong to me that I no longer wanted and yet difficult to let go to create a new paradigm of life.

5. If your life were a book, what would it be called?

The Fire that is in me