Would you like to have a family portrait that is worth putting up on the wall?

Do you think that having a photo session in your hose is not possible, because it’s too dark or small?

Are you tired of trying to convince your partner to take a photo of you and the kids that is not blurred, wonky or too dark?

Well, an ambivert documentary photographer might be the perfect solution for you, because …..

la madre si svegli accanto alle sue figlie

1. I focus on the connections – not your house

Asking a photographer to come to your home might feel uncomfortable/impossible, especially if you worry that your home is not big or bright enough.

I don’t concentrate on the house. Instead, I look for connections, for signs of affection, for things that make you a family. Your house is simply your environment. I respect it, but it’s not the main focus of my photography (of your session —–).

il padre fa un pisolino mentre la madre gioca con le figlie

2. Everyone will be at ease

Because I’m an people-person and very adaptable, families feel like they can be at ease around me very quickly. I like to meet with the entire family; partner, kids and pets included long before the session. And I always arrive earlier or even sleep over the night before in order to give everyone time to get used to my presence.

Day in the life of Erica, Gerard, Charissa, Naud, Jentl

3. Both parents will be in the pictures – not just behind the camera

I see you! I see all the hard work you are doing every day. With me as your photographer you will finally be able to enjoy the moment and also be in the photo. You will be have the proof you were there, with your family and not just as a blurry figure in one corner of the photo.

Ritrattio di una madre con i suoi due figli sul tram a milano

You will finally have beautiful photos with your family

Together with my ambivalent nature my documentary approach to photography, allows me to capture precious memories of whatever happens during your session, no matter how dark your living room is. By hiring me as your photographer you will finally have wall-hangable photographs of your family – with you in them!