I wanted to go East! I thought that only there I would find what I was looking for. But life brought me to the West and so, without even realizing it, I found answers to questions I didn’t yet know I had.

Today I am sitting in front of the computer in a silent race trying to finish the 2019’s sessions so I can deliver them by Christmas.

And while I’m making myself another cup of tea (It gets really cold when you have to stay still in front of the computer), I’m thinking back to the days spent along the coast of North-West Canada and the United States.

Just over two weeks ago I was standing with my feet in the Pacific Ocean’s icy waters watching the sunset and the seagulls hunting for crabs.

And I’m thinking about how life takes you exactly where you need to be!

I’ll tell you a little secret about me: I’m not a morning person! This means that I often  don’t get to see the sun rising. But the sunset … ohhhh, the sunset fills my heart! And to be honest, the Coast overwhelmed me with breathtaking sunsets.

Every evening, or almost, I witnessed the moment when the sun plunges into the ocean in an explosion of a thousand shades of red.

For a second that seemed an eternity, I held my breath and so did the earth. For one second a heavy silence covered the beach, the waves, the seagulls and the people.

When you’re get used to the seas like the Mediterranean, with its artificial shoreline where you can walk tens of meters before getting your knees wet, the wild strength of the ocean is overwhelming. Its endless waves can take you far away.

I remember watching the waves come and go and I had to make an enormous effort to keep myself from being sucked by them. I have never experienced such strength and sensation. 

Go ahead and don’t look back except maybe for a brief moment, just so you don’t forget where you’ve started.

The last sunset in Oregon