I was lucky enough to be raised by my grandma’ until I was 6. She was the image of that perfect granny we’ve all seen in the movies. She had the most gentile face and cotton white hair. Her hands were soft and always smelled of sugar and vanilla. She was the best cook ever and Christmas didn’t come untile she baked her special (traditional) sweet bread. It makes my mouth watering even now!

She’s the reason I’ve had english lessons since I was 3 and I can pull out a gourmet dinner from scratch but she’s also the reason I can’t look at a glass of milk without gagging.

She was Geta, my father’s mom.

Then school started and I had the best 3 months of my life. And that’s because my grandpa’ came to live with us and he walked me to and from school every day! He gave me my very first wrist watch. He’s the reason I know how to fix hems and tailor a skirt because he thought me how to use a sewing machine.
He was Arsag, my mother’s dad.

They are the 2 I miss the most from my childhood 🙁 Grandparents are best! And every kid that had one it’s truly blessed.

Grandparents in pictures matter