avv. Chiara Magrì

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avv. Chiara Magrì nel suo studio a Modena

Chiara Magrì, I am a woman, a mother of two fantastic boys, I am a lawyer and a legal trainer. I love my job, it gives me the opportunity to meet many people, many stories and to be useful and supportive.
I have been dealing with women’s issues for years for which I like to disseminate and raise awareness. I write on a facebook page called Together for women.
In my free time I love to walk, I have just returned from a 200km walk alone, I love reading and practicing yoga.
The journey gives you the possibility to go on despite everything and to remove yourself from the stillness that is always harmful. It is necessary to do and to make mistakes to grow. I want to greet you with a quote from a writer I love Wayne Dyer: “Whoever you are, at any age, you are always a heartbeat away from your breakthrough.”

1. Have you ever thought that women can’t be inspirational?
Always thought from an early age, women can do great things due to their innate nature to feel part of the whole being able to generate life.

2. What biases (preconceptions) did you face?
My sector has been dominated by the male role for many years, now fortunately this is no longer the case, however perhaps for some people having to deal with a female lawyer (even worse if young) can be a reason for little confidence in her abilities. Let’s say that for those people the imaginary of the perfect lawyer is a cynical and ruthless man. For these people, the qualities of listening and mutual trust are not appreciable qualities.

3. Have you ever taken risks?
Always, every day in my work. But I like to talk more about responsibility. Whenever I take on an assignment, I give my all to be able to obtain a result, which can be of any kind. I feel I have a responsibility for my client’s trust and always do the best I can.

4. What obstacles did you face to get to where you are now?
A lot of human and professional training, a lot of practice in the field. Sometimes communication difficulties. Mine is a beautiful job and I prefer to think about small goals, step by step over the years. Sometimes it happened to me to lose a case for purely formal reasons and not of “substance”, sometimes of not being able to obtain a satisfactory result, I have suffered from frustration. But if I have to take stock of these twenty-one years of profession this is certainly positive and stimulating. I am grateful for my work, it allows me to get to know people day by day and to be able to do something for them.

5. If your life were a book, what would it be called?
On the way, the story of a woman in constant rebirth.