May we be them

We live in a society where the feminine is on trend.
The general impression is that the voice of women is increasingly heard and that their point of view is increasingly taken into consideration.

The reality of the facts, however, is in total contradiction.

Yes, we are more present in all areas of work, but the gender and pay gap is still far from being closed.

Taking into consideration, for example, the creative and artistic field, in which I am directly interested, in OECD countries only 12% of
creative directors are women with a 30% lower pay than men. 70% of photography students are women, but only 15% of them manage to sustain a career as a photographer.

In the last decade, only 14% of the photographs published by The Guardian magazine were taken by women.

In other highly qualified work fields, such as law firms or medical offices, there is almost parity in terms of the number of employees, while there is a large gap in terms of salaries and positions held.

All this means that women’s voices are less important in daily life and the examples to follow are not strong enough for the new generations.

The purpose of my project is to provide examples of female figures, still alive, who have been able to conquer their position in various areas of society.

Through their words and my photographs, I would like to create a collection of female examples that will inspire those who think that there is no place for them in this male world.

Caroline Caporossi
Caroline CaporossiFondatrice di AIW
Charity Dago
Charity DagoFondatrice di Wariboko Agency
Abra Degli Esposti
Abra Degli EspostiScultrice
Lorella Pierdicca
Lorella PierdiccaScultrice
Isabella Massamba
Isabella MassambaBotanica, imprenditrice e scritrice
Chiara Magrì
Chiara MagrìAvvocatessa
Viola Servi
Viola ServiApicultrice
Julia esther Jones
Julia esther JonesAtleta, maratoneta, allenatrice e motivatrice
Edwige Guiebre
Edwige GuiebreMaesta e scrittrice
Lorena Zuniga
Lorena ZunigaArchitetta
Jill & Milli Pennington
Jill & Milli PenningtonImprenditrici e scrittrice
Chiara Battistini
Chiara BattistiniAgricultrice e imprendritice