Documentary Photography is a new approach to classic family photography. If all you’ve seen so far were photos in the studio or at sunset in a wheat field, it’s normal to have a thousand questions about how a session takes place and more.

We are not all alike, so if you don’t find an answer to your doubts below, contact me I’ll be more than happy to have a chat with you.

Sometimes, one click is enough for a nice pictures. But for photos that capture the real memories of your family’s life, it takes a few more hours. The more time you will allow me to spend with you, the more the photos will show your essence and what makes you special.

It may seem boring to you because you do the same things every day, but it won’t be for me. Since I don’t know you yet, it will all be a new discovery. And who knows, I might even learn something new from you.

That’s why I’m the perfect photographer for you. There is nothing better than being able to be yourself at home. Watch TV in comfy clothes, change the diaper, have a beer while dinner is being prepared (and yes, I’ll have one too, thanks!)

Most of the children are. It is absolutely normal. Their liveliness is contagious and is one of the 5 secret ingredients of family reportage. Then, if you think about it, they won’t always be like that, they will grow up and when, perhaps, they will be silent teenagers, they will miss their exuberance.

I admit that sometimes I get to dress a lot like my husband. But that happens when we go to the mountains or when we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at the pub. The beauty of documentary photography is that it focuses on the feelings and relationships between yourselves and not on how you are dressed. If your daughter wants a rainbow dress because she is in love with unicorns, you don’t have to match her. But if you also like unicorns and your wardrobe is a wonderful rainbow colors you absolutely have to teach me the magic art of matching colors!

How I would like to have one of those little houses with large sliding glass doors that open onto a secret garden…. This because I used to live in one of those apartments with a blind bathroom called “matchboxes” typical of the Ceauscescu regime. To this day my sister still lives there and every year I go there to photograph her and her family, I can assure you that size or darkness has never caused problems. You don’t need to go out to see the light. If you are a family that is often outdoors, then I will accompany you on foot, by bike or on horseback, where your heart takes you.

Only a small part of my clients are in Modena. I’m happy to travel throughout Italy and abroad because I like to see how people live elsewhere.

Absolutely yes. I firmly believe that images should be printed to be called photographs and that is why my sessions already include an album. Album that surely won’t be lost in the cloud if you forget your password and that you won’t have any kind of problem reading in the future. But you will also have all the selected images sized specifically for the monitor of your phone, tablet or computer.

Most of my favorite photos are black and white, it’s true. But this does not mean that there will be no color in your collection. You just have to trust that the choice between BN and Color is dictated by the aesthetic taste that characterizes me.

The empathy that characterizes me has always allowed me to tell the stories of different types of families. In particular, in recent years, I have gained some experience in entering into relationships and photographing children with special needs.

Are you intrigue? Great!

Curiosity and imagination are characteristics that have helped us to become how we are today.

If you have other questions do not hesitate, send me a message HERE or if you like to reading more than you like talking you can take a look at my BLOG. Maybe you’ll find answers to questions you didn’t know you had.