Society would make you believe that you have to wait for a “right time” or that it is “too late” to take pictures of your family. 

But is this real? We live every day, and every day we create memories. Big and small. So it’s always the right time for family photos. They are the window into different stages of your life

Pattinare in casa? Con gli adolescenti non ci si stanca mai.

During the first year of life? 

I’m sure you are taking so many pictures of them. Because they are so damn cute and they stay pretty much where you put them. 

After a few months you might notice that you are never in the picture and no matter how cute that outfit looks on your baby you will never going to be able to show him or her your emotions and how happy and proud you were of what you have created.

Teenagers e smartphone un rapporto complicato

During pre-school?

Between 1 and 6 life is getting hectic. Your kids never stay still especially not long enough for you to take a good picture. You end up with photos of their back or the top of their head while they run around your legs. And let’s face it, it’s not your fault, they just move so fast. And again, you are never in the photos. You ask your partner to take some and they turn out worse than a selfie.

All the work you are doing, all the affection you give (either in tiny gestures or big bear hugs) are lost forever because you didn’t have a proper photographer to capture it.

If you hired a professional, you would get good photos of you With your family.

La camera di un teenager è un mondo da scoprire

School age?

And then one day, out of the blue they “grow up” and they are now getting ready for the first day of school. Proud of their new “independence” they run to be with their new classmates. You are left alone on the sidewalk fighting back tears. Did you manage to get that picture with them waving at you before they disappear into the school?

Wouldn’t you love to have that picture?

Croce e delizia di ogni famiglia: i compiti!


Another blink of an eye and they are teenagers. Knowing everything and not needing you anymore. Taking out the camera it’s useless because they turn their back at you or they are so buried in their own device you can only see the tip of their heads.

You thought you had enough time to hire a photographer for your family photos only to realize that your kids are already off to university and you still haven’t did it.

La vita vola via tra le dita e quando meno te lo aspetti i tuoi figli sono già adulti

Life goes by so fast, doesn’t it? 

This year a family hired me because they felt that time was running out. The parents were worried that most of the photos would be of their 13 and 11 year old girls on their phones, because we all think that it’s the only thing teenagers do. So you can imagine the surprise on their face when I showed them how many other things they were doing and how much time they spent together as a family.

Routine it’s one of the easiest thing to overlook.

Things that happen everyday like preparing the meals or just doing homeworks are so important because even though they look so mundane it’s what most of your family memories are built out of. By photographing routine and not just the special moments you give your kids the opportunity to remember you and the things you did together, forever. 

Quando è stata l'ultima volta che tua figlia si è fatta accarezzare?
Ogni tanto, quando ci vuole, ci vuole.
Complicità tra sorelle
Il momento del pranzo in famiglia è una delle fondamenta delle nostre case