What is “a day in the life”? It’s any day in any period of our life. And why is it so important? Why should I remember it with documentary photography?

We live on average 80 years and if we have to count “the special days” there will be 10 or maybe 20 (if we are very lucky). So what do we do with all the other days? Are they to be forgotten? I don’t believe it! We need all the other days to make unforgettable memories. These are the days that when you’re 80, will make you say “I lived to the fullest, I had a good life”.

This is why all my photography revolves around those 29200 non-special days, because I consider them worthy of being remembered.

A tired dad takes a nap while mom is playing with the kids

All those moments of ordinary madness, of order and chaos, of jumps on the bed and stolen hugs, of screams and quiet moments, of laughter and tears.

girl is jumping on the bed
a sip of water before going to bed

Real life happens every day, at your home.

All the stories begin “once upon a time, in a far away country …”. I am almost 40 years old and I live 1710 km from the house and family where I was born. In that far away country my story began … but I don’t remember that story. When I left, I took very few photographs with me and almost all of them remind me of me and my sister. My parents are practically never there. They didn’t think I’d look for them because they never thought I would live away from them.

my family

So today I hardly remember my childhood, there are small flashes, faint like holograms, which I try desperately to preserve. Having only those few “special day” photos, today I can’t remember my parents as they were, as we were all together on “normal days”. Yes, I remember my mother’s scolding for me to study or to eat, but these memories I keep only because I was already 10 years old or older. But when was I younger? In my childhood years di she never embraced me for no reason, surely she must have done it! She was tender with me, certainly, but I don’t remember. I only remember her angry at me because I didn’t study enough. This is because the human mind registers the painful memories more than the happy ones. Not to mention my father who, being a introvert, was like he wasn’t there.

Family moments – that’s why I put the whole family in the photos. The moments lived together, to ensure that your children cannot fail to remember. The reportage for families to ensure that the memory of your days is handed down to your children.

All those days when you are the real you, with your strengths and weaknesses. All those days that you risk forgetting because they are all the same. Those, make your life unique, beautiful, special!

a trip to the hospital at 11 pm
when you fell you need both parents to help you
going together at the bathroom
kids do weird stuff
Morning routine father and daughter

There are many days to remember in a year, and you may want to keep the memory of a trip to the beach or in the mountains. Or a Sunday with the grandparents, or a weekend in a city. Any time, any day in your life can always be remembered with me at your side.

Because it’s not what you do, but how you do it that counts.

A tram ride in Milan
A trip to the Museum in Milan
A family hikes in the Dolomites Mountains
When the wave it's bigger that you have anticipated in Viareggio
Walking in New York City after a snow storm

And today, family photography, family documentary photography is the only one capable of transmitting exactly how you felt on any day of your life. These printed photos, stored in a photo album, will be the perfect gift for your children when they will want to go to a far away country to build their family, their history.

When you are in Rome and you have to carry you kid, because they are to tired to walk