diary of a childless photographer … darkroom edition

For some time now I have been setting up a darkroom so I can become completely independent in the process of photographing, developing and printing.
As far as the development of the rolls is concerned, the set-up was not very difficult as there are still a couple of shops that supply the necessary material for the darkroom.
But as far as the printing goes, it’s not as simple as it sounds.
It takes a photo enlargement machine ! And as far as I know, there is currently only one brand on the market that produces it (new). All the rest are objects of a certain age that, a bit like used cars, need careful evaluation before being purchased.
This is why it took me a long time to find THE right for me.
But, last night, I felt again the thrill of seeing the image appear on the white of the photographic paper.
It had been more than 17 years that I had not witnessed this little miracle, and I admit it left me breathless.
Now the first official print, a glimpse of Venice, will be signed, cataloged and framed.
Finally the story is complete: from the shot to the print, all strictly manually, all strictly unique.