My life is boring, it doesn’t deserve to be photographed”. This is one of the thoughts that clients confide to me most often before choosing documentary photography.

As I answer them: your everyday life is something unique, for those who see it for the first time.

Because – in reality – your relationships and your family are a masterpiece. A precious treasure that deserves to be discovered, brought to light and made eternal.

With documentary photography, this becomes possible.

The art form of authenticity

Documentary photography is a type of photography that was born in 1877, from the genre of reportage.

More precisely, it it linked to the innovative style of two London reporters – John Thomson and Adolph Smith – who immortalized the social classes of the time in a realistic and natural way.

Because this is precisely the distinctive element of documentary photography: the ability to show reality for what it is.

Spontaneous. Pure. Authentic.

And that’s why I decided to make documentary photography the focus of my career.

No pose, just a thousand emotions

In documentary photography, the photos represent unique moments of real life.

  • No one has to pose
  • What matter is you, your history, your daily life
  • Context and location are secondary
  • Each element remains exactly as it is

Through the artistic gaze, the documentary photographer manages to capture exclusive moments.

To then preserve – in tangible memories – the infinite world of emotions that lies behind your gestures and expressions.

Perfect for telling the story of your family, every day or during a special ceremony such as your wedding, documentary photography is my world.

And, if you wish, it can tell yours!

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