If I say “childhood games” what’s the first thing that comes to you mind?

Do you remember what games you played when you were little? What was that got your imagination flying? Did you create a world of dolls with you as their supreme guide inventing new and complicated plots each and every day or did you prefer playing outside with your friends?

How was your childhood like?

If I think about my childhood, I remember skinned knees, dirty hands and messy clothes, hair brushed by the wind and red cheeks from the cold.

Maybe that’s why as soon as I see kids wanting to “get dirty”, I go into a photographic heaven.

Runny noses, mud pies contests and jumping in the puddles, they take me back in time and they make my finger stick to the shutter button of my camera.

Probably you too, just like my mother, gasp in disbelief  when you see them coming home dirty from head to toe. I almost hear my mother saying: “what will people say if they’ll see you like this, will say that I am growing up two savages!”

Who knows if she ever stopped to see, really see the happy smiles stamped on our faces? I don’t remember that at all and I’m ready to bet your kids won’t be able to remember that either.

Pallone e ciclo ecco due giochi della prima infanzia
Chi non si è mai scrociato su di uno scivolo alzi la mano.

If only I had some photos of her in those moments.

But You can fill this gap for your kids. You can give your children the opportunity to remember forever not only their childhood but most importantly how you were there, present in all those moments. Your kids will go through the album, looking at the photos and laughing out loud remembering those moments of real life. But only if YOU call me now.

Quando vorresti iniziare a giocare prima ancora di essere completamente sveglio: ecco cosa significa giochi della prima infanzia

And that’s why I love documentary photography, because it is only with these photos that you are guaranteed to relive those moments.

Families have changed, and family photography has changed with them.

Family portrait is no longer the posed photo in front of a gray background with a ball that is not yours.

Today you can dare more.

You can keep YOUR memories, you can reclaim the story of YOUR LIFE.

Chiamami ora e prendiamoci un caffè insieme
Non si può sempre giocare ogni tanto serve anche riflettere
I giochi della prima infanzia tra fratello sono gioie e dolori
I giochi della prima infanzia sono sopratutto fantasia
I giochi della prima infanzia con l'acqua sono il top per i bambini